Every step of our employee is aligned with either of our values; and hence, the employees are highly satisfied to have a fulfilling career.

We strongly believe in growth. Key performance indicators are smartly carved out by the manager and his colleague to be able to surpass a mutual goal.

There is no fun if there are no challenges; and challenges are evident in any aggressively growing organization.

We highly respect people's contribution in terms of enhancing the standards of our daily operation for a smoother journey towards organizational goal.

Working with Oberlin

Key parameters quoted by most of our employees are:

  • High job satisfaction
  • Recognition
  • Growth
  • Transparency
  • Engagement & Empowerment
  • Patient Centricity
  • Respect for people
  • Commitment at every step
  • Open minded culture


We seek the best of talent from all across the globe, as we would want to develop a strong future leadership through within our team. We do realize the fact that every individual is an expert of one function.

While we identify the best of everyone’s capabilities, we do believe in broadening the horizons of learning for everyone. We achieve this through timely Job Rotation. This has been much appreciated by most of our employees, as it takes them closer to the leadership position; of course through a great deal of learning on the job.