Welcome to Oberlin Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.

Originating from the need of managing skin disorder, the concern grew in the minds of the Chairpersons and the whole range of Skincare products are in the offering. Oberlin Healthcare aims to conquer the Dermatology segment with some of the most unique concepts in the treatment of Melasma, Post inflammatory hyper pigmentation, Acne, Hair fall, Sunscreen, Eczema, Psoriasis and Fungal infections.

With its base in Europe, Oberlin is all set to cater to Indian population with unique skincare solutions.

With almost 60% of the Rural Central population in India being affected by some or the other form of Skin Disorder, India certainly becomes a very high priority market for Oberlin to explore its fullest potential.


Healthy world is a clear vision and all our research is focussed towards achieving it...

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As a Healthcare organisation, our primary responsibility is to identify the most...

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We accept the fact that we cannot manage he complete manufacturing of all our products...

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